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Old bakelit phone illustrating analog beamforming being the first generation

analog beamforming @ start

Well known drawbacks, requires large area with significant height, lossy, complicated and sensitive signal routing to antennas. The full solution also comes with a significant cost.

User behavior drive need for DIGITAL

Going digital adds flexibility and speed to the solution, delivering a better user experience. Unfortunately the first solutions are still bulky and even more expensive than the early analog.

Hand holding a phone illustrating that some antennas get blocked in real use. And that the flexibility of digital beamforming comes into play.
QFN package illustrating the compact one chip solution for digital beamforming from BeammWave

Disruptive Innovation

Digital is the way to go for optimal performance. New innovations are required to make Digital beamforming the best alternative in all dimensions including flexibility, cost and size.

BeammWave have a solution allowing RFIC + FE + Antenna to all be fitted in one small low cost package.


  • Optimized performance using digital beamforming
  • Faster development and shortened Time-to-Market
  • Smaller product design with less loss – without GHz RF paths
  • Cost optimized

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Illustrative picture for BeammWave being on target