Our Vision

BeammWave is an innovative startup revolutionizing the approach to mmWave and beamforming, in mobile devices.

Our vision is, a truly connected globe, available and affordable for everyone and anything, enabled by releasing the power of mmWave spectrum through digital beamforming.

There are currently 8 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide, consuming more than 100 Exa-bytes (1020) of data every month (Q1, 2019).

5G and beyond is our market!

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Our Mission

To absorb the complexity introduced by Beamforming and mmWave, enabling all form of devices to be built with superb performance, with the lowest possible cost, size and energy consumption!

5G-NR will use additional bands above 6 GHz. These bands between 30-300 GHz is called millimeter Wave bands, due to the radio signal wavelength being in the range of 10-1 mm.

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Man looking at the complexity of mmWave.
Group of people in front of drawing board discussing Digital Beamforming and BeammWave


To deliver an inexpensive single chip RFIC for digital beamforming including front-end and antenna arrays, to be used in any device including mobile phones and IoT devices.

We offer size and cost reduction and increased flexibility in the PCB lay-out!

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